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Honda's glorious new car commercial has two faces

Honda's glorious new car commercial has two faces


Symmetrical videos show Honda's dark and light side

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Honda's latest ad goes through brilliant — and beautiful — lengths to prove that the Japanese car company doesn't just make boring cars that can take a beating. The short film, called "The Other Side," shows the dichotomy between Honda's dependable cars and its racing pedigree.

One half of the tale follows a seemingly normal father picking up his daughters from school. But the other half reveals a bit more: that friendly dad is actually a getaway driver by night. Both 3-minute videos are wonderfully shot, and you can seamlessly switch between them during playback by hitting the "R" key. That's "R" as in the Honda Civic Type R, the dashing red hot hatch that serves as the getaway car in the clip. Be sure to watch to the end: not everything is as it seems.

To watch the full ad, you will have to visit Honda's YouTube page. The video above is just a trailer.

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