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Google is revamping bookmarks in Chrome with a new extension

Google is revamping bookmarks in Chrome with a new extension

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There's no getting around it — bookmarks aren't all that great. Google is hoping to make them a bit better with a new Chrome extension that, simply enough, is called Google Bookmark Manager. The extension swaps out the nigh-useless list of links for a grid of items illustrated with snapshots of the pages you've bookmarked. Your existing collection of links will be automatically grouped into to folders, and when you add a new item (by hitting the familiar star button as you browse), Google will suggest folders to help you organize your links as well. You can also manually add a photo or notes to a bookmark for easier retrieval later.

Perhaps most importantly, the extension brings Google's powerful search tools to your bookmarks. Google says that when you search through your bookmarks it won't just look through URLs and website titles — it will search the content of bookmarked pages as well. That's a promising feature, though in initial testing search did not seem to be working as advertised.

google bookmark manager

Google has not officially announced the new bookmarks system, so it is unclear if this is some sort of public beta test. The feature was previously leaked under the name "Stars" earlier this year. You can check it out at the Chrome Web Store.