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Intel paying up after allegedly 'manipulating' benchmarks 15 years ago

Intel paying up after allegedly 'manipulating' benchmarks 15 years ago

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Once upon a time, Intel's processors didn't dominate AMD. In fact, AMD's Athlon processors were mighty competitive, enough so that Intel allegedly "manipulated" its Pentium 4 benchmark scores in the early 2000s to mask the performance gap. Intel denies those claims, but nevertheless, you're probably feeling pretty taken advantage of right now.

Thankfully there's some good news: Intel might pay you a hefty $15 for your suffering anyways. That's about an entire dollar per year for having to live with a Pentium 4 computer. A new class action lawsuit is now accepting claims from consumers like you who purchased a Pentium 4 PC in the US between November 20th, 2000 and June 30th, 2002. And don't worry about digging up a receipt — it's not needed to file a claim. In addition to individual payouts, Intel will also donate $4,000,000 to education non-profits.

Don't expect to see your check in the mail for at least a few months, but while you wait, watch below as The Blue Man Group works its very hardest to sell you that piece of silicon.