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HBO Go is now available on the Xbox One

HBO Go is now available on the Xbox One

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HBO Go is now available on the Xbox One in the US, finally allowing you to easily switch from playing The Master Chief Collection to watching Girls. The app looks similar to what you'll already find on the Xbox 360, but it's been gently reworked to look a bit nicer here: the Xbox One app has bigger images and some new features, including the ability to pin individual TV shows to the home screen. It doesn't support Snap view, however.

The PS4 is still waiting for HBO

While the Xbox One already has a strong selection of sources that you can stream movies and TV shows from, HBO Go is one of the most in-demand on any platform, and its absence was an obvious one. With its addition today, Microsoft is also beating Sony to the punch when it comes to bringing HBO Go to its latest console — a PlayStation 4 app is still in the works.

HBO Go Xbox One inline

As usual, you'll have to be an HBO subscriber in order to use HBO Go, though you won't need to be a paying Xbox Live subscriber. The app currently supports subscribers of over a dozen providers, including Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Verizon, AT&T, Cox, Dish, and DirecTV. Microsoft declined to state when HBO Go for the Xbox One might roll out to other countries, saying that it remains in "continued discussions" with its various entertainment partners about adding new content.