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'Pitch Perfect 2' trailer reminds world 'Pitch Perfect' is brilliant and should be seen by everyone

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We live in a wonderful world where an a cappella performance of 'Cups' counts as fan service

Pitch Perfect 2's first trailer is available on YouTube, finally.

Now, let me explain that there are two types of people in this world:

People who love Pitch Perfect, the a cappella comedy starring Anna Kendrick and roughly two dozen other hilarious and vocally-talented women and men.

And there are people who pretend not to care, or outright hate Pitch Perfect. These people have not seen Pitch Perfect. Perhaps the film was sold out. Perhaps they thought they didn't need to see a movie about a college a cappella team. Perhaps they haven't been subject to its thousands of plays on cable movie channels.

It's never too late to become part of the ever-growing Pitch Perfect fan collective. Here's the HBO Go link. Find the internal peace you've been seeking.