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Comcast wants to let you track when your cable technician will arrive

Comcast wants to let you track when your cable technician will arrive

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Comcast is trying to make waiting for the cable technician to arrive a less unbearable experience than what you're used to. It's beginning to start trials on a system that will allow technicians to update customers on their estimated arrival time through Comcast's MyAccount app. The system is only going to be so useful, however. Comcast says that it already gives customers about a two-hour range for when their technician might arrive, and the app will only start updating customers on their technician's ETA once they're 30 minutes away. Technicians will also be able to inform customers if they're running late, which may be even more helpful. The time estimates are beginning to be tested this week outside of Boston, and Comcast says that it's hoping to roll it out widely next year.

Improving its terrible customer service reputation has recently become a goal for Comcast, which even created a new position meant to oversee and improve its customer service experience. Of course, there are far more deep-seated reasons for the trouble here, many of which The Verge discussed in our four-part Comcast Confessions series. That includes the fact that technicians are often overbooked or booked full and facing limited timeframes at each appointment, leading to frequent delays. Comcast's app addresses the symptoms rather than the problem, but that's at least something. If this feature is released widely, you should be able to stay out of the house and then head back home once you receive the 30-minute alert.

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