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Office for Android updated with Dropbox support

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Microsoft first unveiled its Dropbox support for mobile versions of Office earlier this month, but despite the iOS apps getting updated soon after, Android has lagged behind until this week. The latest update to Office Mobile for Android adds Dropbox as an online storage application, allowing Office users to save and edit documents from Dropbox on their Android phones. Effectively, Android phone owners can edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents stored on Dropbox without ever paying Microsoft anything as Office Mobile is now free to use.

This latest version of Office Mobile for Android phones is still a very limited and basic offering. Office Mobile for Android is identical to the previous iOS version, and similar to the experience offered on Windows Phone. It’s surprising to see Microsoft update this particular version of Office Mobile on Android, while killing the same product on iOS in favor of a combined tablet and phone version that’s far superior. An improved version for Android is on the way, and the tablet part of that update will enter preview in the coming weeks. Once Microsoft ships an updated touch-optimized version of Office with Windows 10, all three mobile operating systems will offer a similar Office experience that doesn’t leave Windows users out in the cold.