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Pebble updates Android app with full notification support

Pebble updates Android app with full notification support


Plus support for characters in 80 different languages

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This week, Pebble released an update for its Android app that finally provides support to push every notification that hits your phone to your Pebble watch. Prior to this, the native Pebble app only supported a handful of notifications, including SMS, calendar, and Gmail alerts. A third-party helper app was required to get the rest, but this update obviates the need for that.

In addition to full notification support, the Android app has been completely rewritten for faster performance and better stability, bringing it more in line with the experience Pebble offers on iOS. Pebble says the updated app will initially be available to 10 percent of its Android users, with the rest of the rollout happening gradually over the next few weeks.

Pebble users on iOS shouldn't feel left out with this update, as Pebble is also updating the firmware on the watch to support characters in 80 different languages, eliminating the dreaded empty boxes that used to appear with accented letters. The updated firmware is available to both iOS and Android users and can be installed via the Pebble app.