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Google giving new Chromebook buyers 1TB of Drive storage for two years

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Cloud storage prices have been on a steep decline this year, but there's nothing better than free. Google is offering new Chromebook buyers 1TB of Google Drive storage to go along with their purchase. The terabyte of space is good for two whole years, not just the one-year term that's typically the norm for this sort of thing. Based on current Drive pricing, Google says the limited-time deal is valued at $240. Chromebooks can be had for as little as $199, so it's a pretty nice bonus if you look at it that way. (Please don't buy a $199 Chromebook; much better options exist.) It won't make you feel any better about buying a Pixel, though.

To receive your storage, you'll need to redeem the offer with Google prior to January 1st, 2015. The cloud is a vital part of Google's Chrome OS strategy, so throwing in a ton of space is a good way of easing the transition for anyone moving their documents, music, and entire digital life to Google's servers. And if you're in search of a simple, get-work-done laptop, the huge storage offer might just seal the deal in favor of a Chromebook.