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This Seinfeld/Evanescence mashup won't save you from the nothing you've become

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There's so much going on in this demented and utterly essential mashup of the Seinfeld theme and Evanescence's 2003 classic Bring Me to Life that it demands examination. At first it's just silly. Incongruous. "Imagine Kramer as Daredevil," you might joke. But, after a few listens, you realize how dark things are.

Now, all we have are images of Jerry Seinfeld beaten down by the meaninglessness of his televisual existence, eating the same box of cereal day in and day out. That familiar jaunty bass line can now be heard over Amy Lee's (or is that Elaine's) cries for reprieve. And somewhere, George is getting upset. "Wake us up!" they implore us. "Wake us up from this nightmarish mid-90s nihilism. Save us from the nothing we've become!" But we know the truth. There is no escape. There is only the apartment, that pee-stained couch, and a never-ending laugh track. This is Seinfeld in Carcosa.

Also, Jerry is apparently Macklemore.