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Chris Pratt to star in film adaptation of 'Cowboy Ninja Viking' graphic novel

Chris Pratt to star in film adaptation of 'Cowboy Ninja Viking' graphic novel

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Chris Pratt might have already nailed the role of the Walkman-loving Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy, but Universal hopes he has another superhero — or three — up his sleeve. The studio has signed Pratt to star in an upcoming film adaptation of Cowboy Ninja Viking.

Pratt will most certainly play Duncan, the titular hero of the 2009 graphic novel whose multiple personality disorder has been optimized to make him three different assassins in one (hence the unusual name). He's one of many other so-called "triplets" — like Sniper Archer Clothing Designer and Applebee's Waiter Army Sergeant Frontiersman — who were originally trained to be super agents. In the graphic novels, Duncan tracks down some of the triplets who go rogue after the program is disbanded, but according to Collider the film's script sees the protagonist seek out the billionaire mastermind behind the experimental program instead.

It's not yet clear if Pratt will play all three versions of Duncan — the Cowboy, the Ninja, and the Viking — or just one of them, though Collider and Deadline note that the original script calls for three different actors. Nevertheless, the whole thing could end up being quite a bit of fun, especially with Chris Pratt's comedic talent in the mix. The actor confirmed his involvement in the project on Twitter, but he did not clarify what role he will play. Just don't expect to see the movie any time soon: it's still on the lookout for a director.

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