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Eminem releases massive free mixtape online

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monsieurlam / Flickr

Do you want 66 free songs from Eminem's label, Shady Records? Of course you do. You can now download Shady Classics, a 66-track mixtape put together by DJ Whoo Kid that represents some of the material that couldn't fit on the upcoming Eminem compilation album Shady XV. That highly-anticipated double album will have 12 new songs in total, including 10 from Eminem himself.

Shady Classics, meanwhile, has some of the 15-year-old label's best material, including more than a dozen 50 Cent tracks. It also has some Eminem freestyles, though don't expect too much brand new material: the rapper's manager tells that "there’s not a bunch of new stuff on there or anything. That would be insane." He continued, "It’s sort of a compendium of the material we’ve released that we didn’t have room for on the greatest hits that we really like."