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Here's the first song from Giorgio Moroder's comeback album

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As long and glorious as Giorgio Moroder's list of credits may be, many of us will likely have only heard of him after his successful collaboration with Daft Punk on last year's Random Access Memories. The man who popularized the synthesizer in the 1980s was clearly stimulated by that experience and he has now announced plans to release his first studio album in over 30 years in the spring of 2015. As a teaser to that collaboration-heavy production — which will feature the voices of Britney Spears and Kylie Minogue, among others — Moroder has unveiled the first music video from the album, for the track titled "74 Is The New 24."

A pulsating show of furiously morphing lights outlines various figures in motion, from a charging rhino to a dashing cheetah with a few humans scattered in between. It's a fun and youthful tune, living up to its title, and Moroder has accompanied its release with the observation that “dance music doesn’t care where you live. It doesn’t care who your friends are. It doesn’t care how much money you make. It doesn’t care if you're 74 or if you are 24 because … 74 is the new 24!”