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Get Android 5.0's trusted places feature on any Android phone

Get Android 5.0's trusted places feature on any Android phone


One of Lollipop's most useful features is only an app away for the rest of us

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Locking your phone with a password or PIN code is a necessity when you're out and about, but when you're in the safety of your own home or office, it can be a real pain to unlock the thing every time you look at it. As noted by my colleague Vlad, Android 5.0 Lollipop has a super useful feature to address this: you can set your home or office as a "trusted place" and Android will automatically disable your lock screen when you are there, reactivating it when you leave.

But Android 5.0 Lollipop is still a long ways off for a lot of Android users, so I set out to find a way to have this feature on older versions of Android. You can get it through some hacky rules set up in the super powerful Tasker automation app, but Delayed Lock simplifies the process tremendously and works more reliably. Delayed Lock lets you disable your lockscreen when you're connected to a specific WI-Fi network, in a certain location, or when a Bluetooth device is connected (like Android 5.0's other cool Smart Lock feature, trusted devices). You can also disable the lock screen if the phone is charging, which I've found very useful in my car.

The only limitation to Delayed Lock that I've found is it doesn't support pattern lock or Face Unlock methods, so you have to use a password or PIN code. (More advanced users can root their devices to enable the pattern lock and Face Unlock options.) But aside from that, it works seamlessly and reliably and makes locking my phone with a passcode much less annoying. I've found the Wi-Fi network lock to be most convenient for my needs.

You can download a seven-day trial of Delayed Lock from the Google Play Store now and the full version costs $2.99. It's worth it.