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Verizon is rolling out Android 5.0 Lollipop for the 2014 Moto X

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Verizon has today started rolling out Android 5.0 for the second-gen Moto X. Motorola released Lollipop for the Pure Edition of its flagship smartphone earlier this month, and Verizon's managed to follow that up with little delay. Android 5.0 on the Moto X offers largely the same experience you'd get from a Nexus 6 with Google's new Material Design UI and added features. But unlike the stock Android phablet, here you also get Motorola's helpful features like Moto Voice and Moto Assist. There's no mention of VoLTE support or other network optimizations in Motorola's changelog, so it's not yet clear if Moto X owners can now use voice and data simultaneously on Verizon's cellular network.

Motorola has promised to bring Android 5.0 to its other smartphones in the weeks to come, but the company is often at the mercy of carrier partners when it comes to exact timing. Verizon is often slow at delivering smartphone software updates, but it's proven unusually fast in Motorola's case. The original Moto X quickly received KitKat on Verizon's network, and here again the carrier has worked swiftly to bring its customers the latest software. Hopefully Droid Turbo owners can expect the same update before long.