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Luxury brands are going after imitation smartwatch faces

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Mondaine, Michael Kors, Omega, and more have been issuing takedown requests

Big name brands are trying to cull the Internet's crop of imitation luxury watchfaces for wearables like the Moto 360. According to TorrentFreak, companies like Armani, Michael Kors, Tissot, and Omega have been disseminating cease-and-desist notices to websites and individuals hosting digital likenesses of their work, and providing as little as 24 hours to comply.

TorrentFreak writes that Cartier's owner Richemont filed takedown requests to watch face sites, citing trademark infringement. A source reportedly informed TorrentFreak that Omega had imposed similar demands on an unnamed forum. This is hardly the first time a luxury watchmaker has come down on appropriate use of their trademarks. In 2012, Apple signed a licensing agreement after being accused of plagiarizing a clock design made famous by Mondaine.