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Prince has mysteriously vanished from social media

Prince has mysteriously vanished from social media

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For reasons that are unclear at the moment, some of Prince's social media accounts have vanished from the internet. Writer Anil Dash noticed the change earlier this morning:

Meanwhile, the music on his Soundcloud page has been pulled and his VEVO account on YouTube now only has three clips, including the video for the single "Breakfast Can Wait." However, the artist's Instagram account is still active as of this writing.

The Purple One's sudden departure is particularly curious considering his output online in the last year, especially after his long war against the web in the late aughts. Prince only joined Twitter last summer, followed by Instagram in March. Later, he'd release two singles on Soundcloud. Even one of the tracks on his new album Art Official Age is a play on the meme #ThisCouldBeUsButYouPlayin. We've reached out to Warner Bros. Records for comment.