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Twitter now lets businesses stuff coupons in tweets

Twitter now lets businesses stuff coupons in tweets

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Rather than clipping out coupons, you'll now be able to start picking up discounts right on Twitter. Twitter is today introducing a service in the US called Twitter Offers, which allows companies to provide in-store and online deals and discounts right from a tweet. The deals will appear in promoted tweets, and anyone on Twitter will just have to click a button to claim them. If their credit card is already stored on Twitter, the deal will become associated with their card and will automatically be redeemed once it's used to make a corresponding purchase.

Advertisers will be able to track how many offers are being used, even in stores

Offers is an interesting approach to serving up deals, and it could make Twitter a lot more useful for companies that work off of repeat purchases, like a coffee shop. Companies that rely on in-store traffic will be able to offer deals on Twitter and let people easily claim them for later use in stores. That's also important for Twitter — uses of these deals will be tracked, which means companies will know if they're effective or not. If they are, it could become a strong ad offering for Twitter on its continued path toward increased profits.

The downside for people claiming these offers is that it appears they aren't activated immediately upon purchase. Rather, Twitter says that the discounts will be applied to a card statement several days after the purchase is made, which may make buyers a little wary as they wait to see whether the offer was successfully redeemed or not. This is also just the latest way that Twitter is beginning to bring commerce to its platform. Back in September, it began allowing companies to place buy buttons inside of tweets so that people could make purchases straight from their feed.