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I'm sorry I called you an asshat, Mark Cuban

I'm sorry I called you an asshat, Mark Cuban


Debating net neutrality and fast lanes with an original internet billionaire

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Noam Galai/Getty Images

This morning I wrote an op-ed responding to stuff that Mark Cuban had said in published interviews and on Twitter. I thought his position on net neutrality and internet fast lanes were hypocritical, given his personal history with internet startups. I also called him an asshat, which was childish. I let my anger about this issue show and I'm sorry about that Mark.

After my story went up we had a lengthy debate about the issues on Twitter. It was a bit confusing because we were replying to lots of different tweets and many people were involved. I have tried to collect and arrange a number of the tweets below to capture the back and forth. It's not a complete record, but my best attempt to structure the conversation.

I've taken the name calling out of my original post. Maybe we'll get the chance to have this debate in a more respectful way and in a public forum in the near future. Once the FCC finally announces its new Open Internet rules, there will be, no doubt, a lot to talk about.

Update 11/24 3:50pm: To be clear, I didn't change any of the argument or analysis in my original piece, I just removed the unnecessary insults.