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Get HTC's odd little Re Camera for half price this weekend

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HTC's first foray-dedicated action camera, the Re Camera, may not be worth the $199 the company normally asks for it. But starting at midnight Eastern this Friday (9PM PT, Thursday) and running through next Monday, you can pick up the Re Camera for $99, or half of the regular price. That's less than competing options from GoPro and others, and if you've been wanting to check out the Re Camera without spending a ton of money, here's your best opportunity yet. HTC says the deal will be available through its own site as well as Best Buy, Verizon, and AT&T until 12:00 AM ET next Tuesday (9PM PT, Monday) or until supplies run out.

Update, November 25th, 7:10PM ET: HTC has reached out to note that T-Mobile will not be participating in this promotion as previously announced. This article has been corrected to reflect this updated information.