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Are your tweets any good? Twitter is experimenting with mobile tools to figure that out

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Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

A new tool in Twitter's official mobile app lets users see a variety of metrics about their tweets, but not everyone has access to it, and it's not clear whether it'll ever roll out to the entire user base.

"View Analytics Details," which appears beneath individual tweets, opens a view that shows you impressions, engagements, and engagement rates — how many people have seen and clicked the tweet, basically. Separate drilldowns reveal the percentage of followers that viewed media and clicked any links associated with the tweet. Though it's a new feature on mobile, the underlying data has been available for some time: Twitter opened analytics to all users on its website last year. The new functionality just makes it easily accessible (and visually friendly for a small display) on phones.

Twitter mobile analytics

A new button on tweets in Twitter's mobile app (left) leads to an expanded view of metrics (right).

Asked about the feature, Twitter spokesperson Rachael Horwitz deferred to a company blog post about its Experiments, service tweaks that are rolled out to some users for testing and may or may not be baked into the final product. Previous Experiments that ended up graduating to actual features include MagicRecs — which notifies you when a number of people you follow suddenly follow someone else — and a rather controversial recent feature that shows certain tweets from people you don't follow in your timeline.