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'Jurassic World' brings the Galaxy Gear back to life

'Jurassic World' brings the Galaxy Gear back to life


Samsung's smartwatch lives on among its kin

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Evolution is a brutal and unforgiving mistress. The Jurassic Park movies have always offered a brief escape from its clutches for a few select dinosaur species, but the new Jurassic World is bringing back some deprecated technology as well: the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Though only a year old, this smartwatch has already had its operating system swapped out and been turned into a freebie to be given away with smartphone purchases. Discarded by its maker and replaced by newer and better models, the Gear may aptly be regarded as the dinosaur of the fast-developing smartwatch industry.

On screen for a mere glimpse during today's Jurassic World trailer, the Galaxy Gear serves as a wrist-worn radar display. It still carries its signature camera integrated into the strap, so there may be more tricks it can put on show if it gets more screen time in the actual movie. At least the Gear's presence in Jurassic World appears to be subtle, which can't be said of Samsung's gratuitous branding all over the latest Avengers trailer.