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Two people have been arrested for leaking 'The Expendables 3'

Two people have been arrested for leaking 'The Expendables 3'

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Two men have been arrested in connection with the leak of The Expendables 3 this past July. A DVD-quality version of the entire film found its way onto torrent sites three weeks before The Expendables 3 premiered in US theaters. In the days and weeks that followed, that file was downloaded over 2 million times. Lionsgate has directly blamed the widespread The Expendables 3 leak for the movie's lackluster showing at the summer box office. In August, the studio filed a lawsuit against 10 anonymous individuals responsible for the leak. But they're anonymous no longer; now it seems authorities have rounded up the perpetrators.

Movie studios don't forget when you cost them money

Two arrests have been made in the UK, with authorities claiming that the suspects managed to steal a digital advance copy of The Expendables 3 before illegally distributing it to pirates everywhere. The suspects, a 36-year-old and a 33-year-old, were arrested at their homes without incident and taken to local police stations, according to BBC News.

"The public need to be aware that piracy is not a victimless crime," said Danny Medlycott, head of the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit — the UK's anti-piracy police. "By downloading illegal music, film, TV and books, not only are you exposing your own computer to the risk of viruses and malware, but you are also putting hard-working people's livelihoods at risk as piracy threatens the security of thousands of jobs in the UK's creative industries." We've heard that lecture many times now, so here's the lesson you should take away from this case: steal money from Sylvester Stallone, and they'll never stop hunting you down.