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Microsoft may have accidentally announced that it's buying email app Acompli

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Blank post published on company's official blog suggests purchase

Microsoft may have just accidentally announced that it is acquiring email startup Acompli. A post, authored by Microsoft corporate vice president Rajesh Jha, appeared on the company's official blog today. Titled "blank post please delete," the post's body copy gave no information as to its purpose, but its slug — the text in its web address — read "microsoft-acquires-acompli."

The post's web address read 'Microsoft acquires Acompli'

The post has gone now, after being screenshotted for posterity by TechCrunch, but the fact that an early draft of an announcement was apparently erroneously published could indicate that a deal between the two companies is complete or in its final stages. If true, Microsoft would be acquiring a powerhouse email app that The Verge's Casey Newton called "the Outlook for iPhone that Microsoft hasn't yet built." Acompli also brought its app and a new "focused inbox feature" to Android last year, shortly after it raised $7.3 million in investment. TechCrunch speculates that the company may have been pitching for another round of funding recently, before receiving an offer from Microsoft.

Acompli did not immediately respond to requests to comment from The Verge. Microsoft, too, has yet to comment on the post or any potential deal between the two companies.