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Watch the magic of sound and science in 'Cymatics'

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Sound never looked so good

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Tallying up nearly two million views across Vimeo and YouTube in two weeks, my favorite thing on the internet today is still "Cymatics," a music video from Nigel Stanford from his new album Solar Echoes. Stanford put together a series of science experiments that demonstrate how sound can move matter around and combined them into a pretty solid music track and a very awesome video. As explained in the making-of post, Stanford and director Shahir Daud filmed the demonstrations first and then took the sound that made them and created the track with it second — but don't let that take away from the magic here. The magic is science, and also the magic is a dude wearing a full-body chain mail Faraday suit getting zapped with a Tesla coil while using a kick drum to turn a stream of water into a perfectly formed spiral. Science!

It's possible you've seen the following affected by sound before: a chladni plate, water, ferro fluid, a plasma ball, a ruben's tube, and a Tesla coil. It's hard to believe you've seen them all manipulated by the same song in the same video before, nor done so well. You can watch a bunch of videos detailing how each shot was created here.