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Google's Black Friday Android Wear promotions: $99 LG G Watch and $50 Play Store credit

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But good luck buying a Nexus 6

Beginning now and running through midnight on Monday, Google is throwing two deals into the three-ring circus of Black Friday (and Cyber Monday). Both are angled toward getting you to buy an Android Wear smartwatch. One of the original Android Wear devices, the LG G Watch, will be on sale for just $99. That's $130 off the list price and cheaper than you're likely to find it at most other places. It's a super good deal on a super nondescript watch, which, at the venerable age of five months, has already been surpassed by other Android Wear smartwatches.

Whether your get the G Watch or another Android Wear smartwatch from the Google Play Store, you'll also get another bonus: a $50 credit for buying apps, books, movies, magazine, or music. That brings the effective price of the G Watch down to $49 if you're buying it for yourself.

If you're hoping to buy a Nexus 6 for the holidays, well, best of luck. As of this writing, it's still persistently and maddeningly out of stock with no option to even preorder and wait. So even though Google hasn't quite figured out how to run a fully functioning retail operation yet, it has figured out how to set up a good deal for Black Friday.