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Apple's Black Friday deals go live with up to $100 of iTunes credit

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For every gift card, Apple donates to AIDS charity Product RED

Apple has activated its Black Friday deals in the United States. Buy an iPod, an iPad, Apple TV, a Mac, or selected Beats headphones from the company's online store, and you'll also receive a special edition Product RED iTunes gift card worth between $25 and $100.

Purchasing an iPod touch, iPod nano, Apple TV, or a pair of qualifying Beats by Dre headphones will get you a $25 voucher. An iPad will earn you a $50 card, while buying any Mac will ensure you receive $100 in iTunes credit. The promotion comes in the midst of a two-week campaign run by Apple over Thanksgiving to generate donations for Project RED. For every gift card distributed today, the company says it will donate a percentage to the global fund to fight AIDS.