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British people are fighting over Polaroid TVs

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Black Friday hits the UK with real American cheerleaders

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Sky News

Black Friday is officially a thing in the UK this year, and it’s turning normally mild-mannered Brits into maniacs. While retailers across the pond have attempted to woo Black Friday shoppers over the past few years, it has reached record levels of mayhem today as British people are at war over Polaroid TVs. Yes, Polaroid TVs, the brand that still exists because other manufacturers create devices and slap the Polaroid logo on them.

"I'll be outside, mate."

scramble for a pile of £140 ($220) 40-inch Polaroid TVs commenced this morning at Asda stores in London, resulting in one British man warning a fellow angry shopper than he’ll "be outside, mate" and ready to fight. Sky News captured one woman literally being pulled along the floor, attached to a Polaroid TV box. Asda staff can also be seen protecting the TVs, while cheerleaders (hired by Asda, a division of Walmart) parade around the store to complete a bizarre scene that’s oddly trying to match the traditional American Black Friday madness.

Let’s hope for all involved that the Brits who lined up at 3AM return with their TVs to catch the latest episodes of Downton Abbey or Doctor Who, safe in the comfort of their homes with a nice cup of tea to bring them back to reality.