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Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge coming to the US on November 14th

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Following closely after the Galaxy Note 4, Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge will launch in the United States on November 14th, the company announced today. On AT&T, it'll retail for $399 with a new two-year contract; the phone's full price is $945.99. You'll be able to buy it even sooner through AT&T, as the company will start taking orders on November 7th. There are options to pay monthly as well: the Note Edge is $22.92 through Next 18 or $27.50 with Next 12. Other carriers are likely to announce their own rollout plans for Samsung's latest phablet and its unique curved display very shortly. Aside from that screen, you're pretty much looking at the Galaxy Note 4 in terms of specifications — which puts the Edge in the top tier of current Android smartphones. But the Note 4 doesn't have this display or its helpful shortcuts, so if you're after those, the choice is pretty simple.

Update, 5:30PM ET, November 3rd: T-Mobile has also announced its pricing for the Note Edge: $0 down and $36.25 per month for 24 months on the carrier's payment plan. That works out to about $860 in total over the course of two years. The Note Edge will be available to T-Mobile customers on November 14th, as well.