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HTC's Desire Eye, Re Camera, and One M8 for Windows headed to AT&T November 7th

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HTC's Desire Eye selfie smartphone and the Re video camera will launch at AT&T starting November 7th. The Desire Eye will be available in stores that day for $149.99 on contract ($549.99 full retail), and can also be purchased via AT&T's Next plans. AT&T is the exclusive carrier of the Desire Eye here in the US, so if you want that 13-megapixel front camera, it's pretty much your lone option. As for the Re Camera, that'll also be available to order starting November 7th. But in-store availability will come a bit later on November 21st. Normally the Re Camera goes for $199, but AT&T will take off $50 if you buy both the Re Camera and Desire Eye at the same time (and you're eligible for an upgrade or Next plan). Much has been said about HTC's oddball video camera and whether it's got any shot of keeping up with GoPro or other, cemented leaders in this space. At the very least, you'll soon be able to get your hands on one to try.

AT&T also has new products coming on the Windows Phone side of things. HTC's One M8 for Windows will launch November 7th as well, ending its exclusive run at Verizon Wireless. It'll retail for $199 with a new contract, $27.92 a month with Next 18, or $33.60 a month with Next 12. If you're buying unsubsidized, the Windows Phone device runs $669.99. There's a cheaper option coming, too: Nokia's Lumia 830 will be released alongside the One M8 for Windows on the 7th. It's $99 on contract or $449.99 commitment-free.