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AT&T will sell the Moto 360 and LG's G Watch R starting November 7th

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AT&T's making plenty of announcements today, and this one's all about wearables: the second-largest US carrier will launch both Motorola's Moto 360 and LG's G Watch R on November 7th. The Android Wear smartwatches will retail for $249 and $299 respectively. If you're going all in on Motorola and also buying the new Moto X, AT&T will chop $50 off the 360's price tag, bringing it down to $199. That deal is probably the only real reason we'd recommend anyone buy it at AT&T instead of just walking into a Best Buy. Sadly there's no similar offer for the G Watch R and an LG phone like the G3 — that $299 might be a hard sell without any extra incentives. Both watches will be available in stores on the 7th, though the G Watch R is getting an early lead with online orders; those kick off November 5th.