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You can buy the 'Grand Theft Auto V' soundtrack on vinyl very soon

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New boxed set launches December 9th

A spruced up version of Grand Theft Auto V is coming to the PS4 and Xbox One shortly, and to celebrate Rockstar Games and Mass Appeal Records are releasing an expansive new version of the game's excellent soundtrack. The limited edition boxed set will feature 59 tracks featured in the game — that includes GTA V's original score, songs featured on the in-game radio stations from the likes of A$AP Rocky and Tyler, the Creator, and even a bit of new content. Previously the soundtrack was available digitally through outlets like iTunes. The new collection will be available on both CD and vinyl, and only 5,000 copies will be produced — you can pick it up starting December 9th though no price has been announced yet. The next-gen version of the open world thrill ride, meanwhile, is launching on November 18th.