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Filmmaker John Carpenter is releasing his debut album in 2015

Filmmaker John Carpenter is releasing his debut album in 2015


The master of '80s horror returns with music that will make your ears bleed (in a good way)

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John Carpenter is one of the most badass filmmakers of all time. The man made Halloween, Escape from New York, Assault on Precinct 13 and The Thing, among many other ultraviolent, charmingly low budget, practical effects-infused '70s and '80s romps (often starring Kurt Russell, another certified badass). Not only did Carpenter redefine horror and sci-fi and thrillers, but he was also a damn good composer too. The simple piano theme from Halloween is probably his most famous, and for good reason, as it is pure and recursive and creepy. But he also created lots of other awesome original music for his movies: just listen to his opening theme from Escape from New York. It's killer. I want to make it my ringtone right now.

Carpenter hasn't made a movie in a while (since 2010's The Ward), but it turns out he's been making lots of new cinematic music in his own minimalist style. In fact, he now has enough unheard compositions to fill an entire record. Carpenter's debut album Lost Themes will be released on February 3rd, 2015 by Sacred Bones Records, as The AV Club reports. Despite the title, the album contains 9 all-new compositions that Carpenter says are "little moments of score from movies made in our imaginations." Check out a preview of the first track, "Vortex," below, and just try not to imagine yourself fighting an alien/monster. Sacred Bones also has a cool procedurally generated music video made entirely out of old Carpenter film clips.