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Pinterest brings rounded corners back in style

Pinterest brings rounded corners back in style

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"The Pinterest app has a sleek new look and feel, and is faster than ever," according to the release notes for Pinterest 4.0 on iOS. What it should say is "The Pinterest app now has rounded corners like Mac OS X did before 2007," or "The Pinterest app now makes your iPhone look like it's running webOS."

pinterest corners

While the Android version has been similarly rounded for a while, the effect isn't as pronounced on that platform because of the ever-present status bar at the top. On iOS, the clipped corners make it look as if the screen itself is round, harkening back to the days of CRT monitors.

Well-timed update to match the smooth, rounded iPhone 6 and 6 Plus? Ill-advised design decision that plunges Pinterest back into the mid-00's? You be the judge.