The Verge and the question of trust - what's going on?


So what’s going on people? Mega-meta as it may be, there just seems to be an increasing amount of people moaning about The Verge and I’ve been wondering what’s going on.

I’ve been on board with Josh/Nilay/Paul since Engadget, though the entertaining *read between the lines* AOL years, to This Is My Next, to The Verge, and through the changes over the last few years. I like site, I like the people, I like the range of things covered, I like people who know about tech talking about wider cultural stuff. I’m a fan.

I’ve ignored the moaning/silly accusations of bias and corruption from the community, but it seems to be getting over the top. On the other hand I can see that it isn’t perfect - the linkbaity headlines on social media grate, some of the banner ads have been a bit overpowering, but these are just niggles that I can easily see past, and obviously a necessity to pay the bills. If I disagree with a view expressed in an article, then I’m big enough to make up my own mind. I’d like to think I’m well read enough on a subject not to have my world rocked when one particular person or outlet expresses a different view. And please, this isn’t me not recognising the value of someone pointing out a problem, but we seem to be past the constructive criticism/critical friend point – I don’t just want to read stuff that confirms my view, but I struggle to understand where some of the extreme stuff comes from.

I think crucially, it feels like that I trust The Verge and an increasing number of increasingly noisy people don’t. That seems to be the difference recently...

So yeah, what’s going on?

Has The Verge just got too big? Does the volume of people here now mean I’m just seeing a greater number of a vocal minority?

What do the dissenting voices want? I’m assuming there’s something about The Verge that people like, even though they moan about it constantly and through pretty significant accusations of corruption. If I didn’t like or trust something to the degree that people seem to be at with The Verge, then there’s no lack of internets for me to spend my time with instead. Are they longing for an days gone by when The Verge was more *fair and balanced* (words co-opted with deliberate irony), cos as I recall, the early days were a lot more opinionated.

Is this just the internet, where people like to argue anonymously?

Am I just too English (‘know your place and be happy with what you’re given’)? Are the moaners just too American (‘I want the whole world to reflect how I see things’)?

Or should I just not read the comments? Yeah, I know, I should just not read the comments…

But yeah, keep at it please Nilay et al…