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Wu-Tang Clan's latest album sounds like a classic and it's not even out yet

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More than 20 years after the release of Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), the Wu-Tang Clan is only weeks away from dropping their sixth studio A Better Tomorrow. And with just three new tracks teasing the effort, it sounds like group is every bit as good as they were back in 1993.

Don't be fooled: the RZA and crew are more than willing to experiment. That Bobby Digital himself went ahead and concocted a wearable speaker for eight of the album's tracks is testament to that. That the cover itself was unveiled as a GIF is another. (And that's without even mentioning the single copy of The Wu — Once Upon a Time In Shaolin.) But on the singles themselves — the product of 18 months of work — the production is pure old-school, triumphant beats and the lyrics are as sharp and out there as ever. Need proof?

We're especially fond of the Bring Da Ruckus Shaolin/Wu-Tang reference in the beginning of Ruckus in B MinorA Better Tomorrow will hit stores on December 2nd.