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Uber costs twice as much in NYC as Dallas: Where does your city rank?

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Earlier today we published a story about Uber's efforts to enlist 50,000 veterans as drivers in an initiative called UberMILITARY. In doing research for that story, we dug into Uber fares around the country. What we found was surprising: fares vary drastically from city to city. A fifteen-minute, five-mile UberX trip in New York City will put you back $19.75. In Dallas, the same trip will cost you less than $10.

In fact, the formula Uber uses to calculate estimated fares is carefully tweaked to the market it serves. In Miami, for example, the base fee for an UberX trip is $1.20, with a per mile rate of $1.25. Just up the coast in Jacksonville, the base rate jumps to $1.25, but the per mile rate drops to $1.20. In Chicago, the city slaps a Transit Tax & Accessibility fee of $.30 to your fare—Seattle adds $.20.

Curious to see where your city ranks? Check out these estimated fares to see if you're getting a fare deal.

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<p><i>Estimated fares for a 15-minute, 5-mile UberX trip.</i></p>


<li>New York City, NY - <b>$19.75</b> </li>

<li>Sacramento, CA - <b>$16</b> </li>

<li>Asheville, NC - <b>$15.45</b> </li>

<li>Gainesville, FL - <b>$15</b> </li>

<li>Greenville, SC - <b>$14.70</b> </li>

<li>Dayton, OH - <b>$14.50</b> </li>

<li>Flagstaff, AZ - <b>$14.20</b> </li>

<li>Des Moines, IA - <b>$13.75</b> </li>

<li>San Francisco, CA - <b>$13.60</b> </li>

<li>San Antonio, TX - <b>$13.30</b> </li>

<li>Cincinnati, OH - <b>$13</b> </li>

<li>Washington D.C. - <b>$13</b> </li>

<li>Seattle, WA - <b>$12.90</b> </li>

<li>Knoxville, TN - <b>$12.45</b> </li>

<li>San Diego, CA - <b>$12.35</b> </li>

<li>Lincoln, NE - <b>$12.25</b> </li>

<li>Boston, MA - <b>$12.15</b> </li>

<li>Indianapolis, IN - <b>$11.80</b> </li>

<li>Memphis, TN - <b>$11.75</b> </li>

<li>Milwaukee, WI - <b>$11.55</b> </li>

<li>Jacksonville, FL - <b>$11.50</b> </li>

<li>Baltimore, MD - <b>$11.50</b> </li>

<li>Miami, FL - <b>$11.45</b> </li>

<li>Detroit, MI - <b>$11.10</b> </li>

<li>Atlanta, GA - <b>$10.80</b> </li>

<li>Chicago, IL - <b>$10.50</b> </li>

<li>Los Angeles, CA - <b>$10.45</b> </li>

<li>Houston, TX - <b>$9.75</b> </li>

<li>Dallas, TX - <b>$9.55</b> </li>