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Join us today for a live Small Empires Google+ Hangout with Alexis Ohanian!

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Startup chat

Small Empires is back and better than ever. Last week, Alexis and co. traveled to Atlanta to talk with PartPic, a company trying to solve the difficult problem of identifying and buying spare parts. This week, Small Empires visited Miami to chat with OpenEnglish, a people-powered language learning program.

Today at 3PM ET, join us for a live Google+ Hangout with Alexis, series showrunner Stephen Greenwood, director Kirk Larsen, and me, Sam Sheffer, The Verge's social media manager. We'll also be joined by Elaine Wheatley and Greg Kress of OpenEnglish, the subject of this week's episode. We're also taking questions, so leave a comment on this post or tweet with #SmallEmpires. See you soon!