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See this 'Final Fantasy' designer's unsettling take on Hatsune Miku

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Hatsune Miku has no soul — at least not the version that Final Fantasy designer Tetsuya Nomura created. This reimagining of Japan's favorite digital celebrity recently made an appearance at the Hatsune Miku Art Exhibition that was held in Wallplay, New York, where she was showcased in a minute-long clip.

It's somewhat amazing to see how closely Nomura's Miku parrots life while still being so creepily doll-like. Her eyes are like cyan-ringed windows into Ry'leh, her skin a plastic sheath. Given that this was dreamt up by Nomura, a man with a notable taste for the excessive, the video also comes festooned with crystal chariots, stardust, and lambent visions of space. The biggest takeaway here is probably that a real life Hatsune Miku would indeed devour your soul before singing a child-like paean to your bloodied remains.