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Dell's premier Windows tablet speeds up in the chase after Microsoft's Surface

Dell's premier Windows tablet speeds up in the chase after Microsoft's Surface

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Dell's competitor to the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 — the Dell Venue 11 Pro — has just received an upgrade with the company's new 7000 series. While other tablets are racing to be the thinnest or lightest, Dell's newest version of its 10.8-inch tablet is aimed at conquering others with size, speed, and options.

Featuring a 1080p IPS display, the tablet is unmistakably big. It's wrapped by a fairly thick black bezel, but at arms' length the screen is about all your eyes can focus on. The tablet now starts with 4GB of RAM, a 2GHz Intel Core M processor, and 64GB of internal storage, all of which can be upgraded. Dell has fit it all into a 10.75mm-thick frame that weighs 1.62 pounds, which means it's actually slightly bigger in every way compared to last year's debut model. It can also be configured with the 64-bit versions of Windows 8.1 or 8.1 Pro, and if the internal storage isn't enough, the built-in card reader will let you use an SD card up to 64GB. There's a USB 3.0 port along the side, as well as a micro HDMI port, and the tablet supports Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC.

The device may appeal to consumers looking for lots of screen real estate, but Dell is targeting professionals with the ecosystem it's built around the device. There are multiple snap-in keyboards and a dock that will let you connect the Venue Pro to an HD monitor to be used with a mouse and keyboard; it also works with accessories like a case that has a built-in credit card reader, or a purpose-built sterile case for medical professionals.

The Venue 11 Pro 7000 Series will be available starting November 11th, and the basic model (with stylus and keyboard included) will cost $799.

Correction: This piece originally stated that the Venue 11 Pro 7000 has an OLED display. The tablet has an IPS display.