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Watch the first footage of Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas in 'Ant-Man'

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In the midst of last night's midterm elections coverage, ABC aired (at 9:02PM) a new Marvel special, 75 Years, From Pulp to Pop! As has been the case for weeks, Marvel has been sprinkling its TV content with sneak peeks of its upcoming film slate. Last night, we got a glimpse of Ant-Man starring Paul Rudd as the titular character (real character name Scott Lang) and Michael Douglas as his mentor Hank Pym.

Rudd and Douglas GIF

The ten seconds of footage is all behind-the-scenes (hey look, film cameras!) but does provide a glimpse of Lang and Pym in a lab (presumably talking about cough medicine) and Paul Rudd gazing lovingly at the Ant-Man suit, which shrinks the wearer down for crime and crimefighting, etc. Ant-Man, with Peyton Reed (Yes Man), without Edgar Wright, and supplemented by Adam McKay, opens in theaters July 17th, 2015 — about seven weeks afterAvengers: Age of Ultron and just four years before Avengers: Infinity War, Part two.

Rudd Ant Man suit gif