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Google giving out Inbox invites to all comers starting at 6PM ET

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Google's already sent out a whole ton of Inbox invites, but now it's giving everyone a chance to try out its new vision of an email app. Between 6PM and 7PM ET today (3PM and 4PM PT), Google will provide invites to any and all users that request one. Just like before, you'll have to emall to get in. But once you do, there won't be long to wait; Google says all Inbox invites will be delivered by 8PM ET (5PM PT). Short of getting caught snoozing and missing the deadline, there's really no way to get left out this time. Google introduced Inbox, a drastic reinvention of an email client, late last month and has since been dispatching heaps of invites to eager testers. Once you're invited, the app can be used on Android, iOS, and in Chrome.