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Bill Watterson channels 'Calvin and Hobbes' in new artwork for French comics festival

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The notoriously reclusive Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson has been surprisingly public this year — he's already drawn the poster for comic strip documentary Stripped and made secret contributions to Pearls Before Swine, and now he's released yet another new piece of artwork, which you can see below.

As noticed by The Week, Watterson drew the strip to serve as the poster for France's Angoulême International Comics Festival (at which Watterson will be honored, though he doesn't plan to attend). The strip itself is unmistakably Watterson — the balding main character even looks a bit like Calvin with forty years added on. His rage-face after his dog chews up the beloved comics section of his newspaper could easily be ripped right from a Calvin and Hobbes strip, and the entire wordless format definitely brings to mind many Sunday strips Watterson drew in the past. While there's still no sign that Watterson is going to come back to drawing comics in any more consistent fashion, it's still a fun surprise to see the little teases of his art he's been giving fans this year.