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Jaguar joins the Bloodhound gang planning to break the land speed record

The All-Wheel Drive Jaguar F-Type R steps in for some tests ahead of a 1,000mph attempt

The Bloodhound SSC is a car unlike any other. Shaped like a wingless airplane and powered by a Typhoon jet engine plus a custom-designed rocket, it can push out the equivalent of 135,000hp and will eventually achieve speeds in excess of 1,000mph.

The first attempt at breaking the world land speed with this speed demon will take place a year from now, it has just been announced, and Jaguar is joining the development project as an Innovation Partner. The British car marque is understandably keen to associate itself with the enormous power and performance of the Bloodhound project, and its participation also indicates a high degree of confidence that the Bloodhound SSC will achieve its stated goals. Jaguar's first contribution has been to provide an All-Wheel Drive F-Type R Coupé to test the communications systems that will be used during the world record attempts next year and beyond.

Speeding down the South African desert runway, the handsome red jag was raced against an L39 jet flying overhead, piping out data from over 300 sensors and three 720p video streams on board. The test has been marked a success and the radio infrastructure for measuring and monitoring the Bloodhound vehicle has now been green-lit, marking an important milestone en route to the project's completion.


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