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Ford will track police cruisers to catch speeding cops

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The LAPD has outfitted 50 Interceptor models with new systems that can monitor driving behavior

You've probably seen a police cruiser or two barrel down the road without an apparent suspect in sight and wondered, who, exactly, you could call to complain. To improve public safety — and hopefully introduce more accountability into the system — Ford will beginning tracking cruisers with the Los Angeles Police Department. If an officer is driving recklessly, their supervisors will know about it in real time.

Ford Telematics for Law Enforcement

Ford, with help from a California-based company called Telogis, has already outfitted 50 LAPD cruisers with transmitters that send driving information back to headquarters: a supervisor can track for speeding, sudden breaking or accelerating, if airbags have deployed — even if the officer is wearing a seatbelt. The system's called Ford Telematics for Law Enforcement, and it's being installed on Ford's Police Interceptor variations of its Explorer and Taurus models.

After the Los Angeles test run, Ford could make the transmitter available to other police departments next year — one potential reason for law enforcement using other companies' cars to jump ship — and possibly install it on other LAPD vehicles. How subordinates on the force respond to being tracked — that's something we'll have to wait to see.