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Mark Wahlberg will star as the significantly more expensive 'Six Billion Dollar Man'

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The classic television series The Six Million Dollar Man is going to be remade as a film — but now that we're in 2014, its star is going to be at lot more expensive. Deadline reports that Mark Wahlberg is going to star in the remake, which will instead be called The Six Billion Dollar Man. The film will have Wahlberg playing Steve Austin, who in the original series was a former astronaut who is saved after a terrible accident thanks to some very expensive equipment that effectively turns him into a cyborg. With those added powers, he then goes on to be a secret agent for the government.

There isn't a lot more known about the film right now, though Deadline reports that it'll be directed by Peter Berg, who was behind Battleship and Hancock. The property is very much in a strange spot: though it's ingrained in pop culture, it's far from a familiar name with younger viewers. Perhaps its longevity has Wahlberg and Berg thinking that it's worth attempting to revive and reintroduce. At the very least, doing that successfully will require a lot more than accounting for inflation.