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The Vergecast 126: Hypecheck

The Vergecast 126: Hypecheck


Bad things are bust

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To some, it's a black-and-white answer. To others, it's a subtle gray. Some say hype can't be felt, only psychically perceived. It's a beacon of hope, a pillar of truth. We cannot see it, but we know it exists. It's everywhere and nowhere, all at once. We follow its call, but fear its power. We may never agree about what hype truly is, but that doesn't matter. We all know deep down inside that what really counts is that hype is in us all: teeming, stirring, ready to be checked.


Where's the video feed? Sorry, for the time being we're focusing on just making a great audio podcast. We'll still do live video for the recording and we'll make the call on the video feed later, but for now please subscribe to the audio podcast. But if you want to watch the video replay, you can check it out below.