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Verizon now offering exclusive 'football leather' Moto X

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If you're on Verizon Wireless, the Droid Turbo may be a wiser buy than the Moto X at this point. But for those who prefer the latter device, Verizon's got a brand new, exclusive model for sale. The "football leather" version is exactly what it sounds like: a Moto X with a dark red, stippled leather rear case. It's available immediately for $119.99, the same price Verizon charges for the wood model of Moto's handset. (The plain black version remains slightly cheaper at $99.99.) Other than the exclusive design, there's obviously nothing else different about this Moto X. But if you're looking for something a bit different than the default options — and you're too impatient to bother with Moto Maker — at least a new option's there.