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Asus will launch its stylish ZenWatch on November 9th for $199

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The field of Android Wear smartwatches is about to grow bigger: Asus will release its ZenWatch on November 9th. Priced at $199, the ZenWatch is one of the more refined products we've seen powered by Google's wrist-worn OS. It'll be sold at Best Buy to start, with Google Play availability following later. With the ZenWatch, you're looking at a 1.6-inch, curved Super AMOLED screen with a sleek stainless steel frame that extends across the watch's rear casing. We first caught the ZenWatch at IFA in September, and the design looks just as great now as it did then. Most importantly for Asus, it clearly sticks out from the straightforward square and rounded devices we've seen from the likes of LG, Motorola, and Samsung. But like the Moto 360, this one tends to feel a bit large on your wrist.

Still, there's no denying its elegant looks — especially when you factor in the tan leather strap and classy buckle. Beyond aesthetics, the ZenWatch is powered by a Qualcomm chip and contains 4GB of storage along with 512MB of RAM; that's pretty par for the course when it comes to Android Wear. The company has added some software features like a "tap tap" function to quickly hunt down your phone and over 100 watch faces to pick from.