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ABC deletes 'Selfie' TV show from its lineup

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Not #blessed

Promotional image of 'Selfie' TV show from ABC
Promotional image of 'Selfie' TV show from ABC

Selfie. It's a popular word these days for describing a self-portrait, usually taken on a mobile phone, in many cases posted to a social media website with a faux-vintage colored filter. It was also, briefly, the name of a comedy TV series on ABC starring Karen Gillan (formerly of Doctor Who) and John Cho (Harold in the Harold and Kumar series). Although seemingly doomed from the start by its irritating, forced topical name and threadbare premise (an obnoxiously narcissistic woman learns important life lessons from her nebbish male colleague), it actually won praise from some viewers who found it a surprisingly effective critique of the emotional vacuousness of modernity. Or something. In any case, it's gone now: ABC won't be ordering a second season of the series, according to TV Line. With the speed with which the show arrived and disappeared, perhaps it would have better been named Snapchat.